The Company and the Optical Sector

The Optical Sector

The Company is one of the most active Livery Companies in continuing to engage with its original craft. 60-70% of members are practising Dispensing Opticians, Orthoptists, Ophthalmologists or Optometrists, with further retired practitioners and around 5% involved in businesses and professions associated with optics (eg manufacturing, accounting, marketing and business advice and health PR). We are proud of the work of the optical sector, which has a continuing impact on the daily lives of millions of people, as well as contributing at least £6 million each year to the UK economy.

The Company sees itself as being "Of Optics", rather than "In Optics". We pride ourselves on welcoming members from all optical professions and none. We take an independent view and offer our facilities at Apothecaries' Hall as "neutral territory" where contentious issues within optics may be debated openly and amicably.

The Company is pleased to maintain excellent relationships with professional bodies and membership organisations across the optical sector, some of which it helped to establish.

The Company has, in one way or another, been involved in training new entrants to the optical professions since 1629.

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