WCSM ET bursaries Statement of Process

WCSM Education Trust Bursaries

Statement of process for review and assessment of applications

  • An application for a bursary of £1,000 may be submitted by any student engaged in a full time or part time programme of training within the United Kingdom which leads directly to an accredited qualification for work in the optical sector ie in optical retail support, practice or manufacturing, in hospitals, social care or community health care environments or further academic study in vision sciences.
  • Applications must be submitted by email, in Word or PDF format before the specified deadline ([date]). Late applications will not be considered. Receipt of applications will be acknowledged by the Secretary to the Trust by email.
  • Applicants must provide evidence to satisfy the Trustees that they have a confirmed place on a relevant training course.
  • In submitting an application, the applicant gives consent for personal details, including educational achievements, to be held and used by the WCSM Education Trust. Such data will not be sold or passed to any third parties. Limited information about successful applicants, including names, photographs and details of their training programmes, may be used for publicity and marketing purposes by the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers or the WCSM Education Trust.
  • In submitting an application, the applicant gives consent for representatives of the WCSM Education Trust to contact their training provider and/or employer directly to confirm initial registration and to check progress through the expected period of the bursary and the training programme.
  • Applications will be scored by a lead assessor from among the Trustee Board and then reviewed by a second Trustee. In assessing the applications, no account will be taken of an applicant’s age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, race, religion or marital status or the institution at which they will be studying.
  • A further meeting of Trustees, held in person or electronically, will consider the ranking of all applications before making the awards. The Trustees hope to help as many students as they can and expect to receive many worthy applications. The judgment of the Trustee Board will be final.
  • The Secretary to the Trustees will confirm each award by email and will also communicate the Trustees’ decision to those who have not been successful no later than [1 November].
  • The only mechanism for payment of an award will be by direct transfer into a UK bank account held in the name of the applicant. No payments will be made to third parties.
  • The Trustees will not set conditions as to how funds should be spent but it will be a condition of every award that the recipient must provide a report to the Trustees by email, half way through their first year of training, explaining the difference that receipt of a bursary has made to their studies.
  • The Trustees will invite one bursary student each year to attend a Court Luncheon of The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers, at which the student will be able to discuss the progress of their training with experienced professionals.

June 2016