A parteculer note of all the charges laid out for the spectakell makers pattin and ordenances of law

Item given to Mr Stone the counseler for his advise,0-10-0
Item to his clarke that our pettecion,0-1-0
Item to hainlet clarke for his fee,0-4-0
Item to a screvenor for writtinge tow petteseones to the kinge,0-2-6
Item to Sir Signe mownttegou for procuringe a refference,1-0-0*
Item to his clarkes,0-13-4
Item to Mr Tople our soleseter,0-3-4
Item to his man wher upon he coppyed out our patten,0-1-0
Item to Mr Micgill for a coppy of the order maid in the courte of Alldermen,0-[missing ?0-5-6?]
Not yet paide- Item to the officer that named in the commissioners,0-5-0
Item to one Sutcliffe that firste soleseted our cause,2-12-6
Item to Mr Herbarte Wintres For informinge his masters and som of the Aldermen of the equity of our demandes,2-0-0
Item to the recorder for perposinge the copy of our pattin,2-0-0
Item to Sir Signe Monttegeu for the kinges grante,2-0-0*
Item to his clarkes for thear fees,1-15-0
Item to the kinges attorney for perposinge the coppy of our pattin,5-0-0
Item to Mr Alleson for more coppiing our pattin,5-0-0
Item to the kinges attornies chamber keeper demanded by and paid to Mr Alleson,0-12-0
Item to Mr Ottery for procuringe the kings hand to our pattin4-0-0
Item for the signet and prevy seale Mr Tople paid but what I know not sertenly
Mr Bembow Item to Mr Bembo for the great seall as apereth by his bill,18-7-10 (see below)
Item paid to Mr Topple for which he is to account with the company31-19-2
Item to the recorder for perposinge our ordenances,2-0-0
Item to Lord Richardson for perposinge our ordenances5-0-0 *
Item to his clarke,0-10-0
Item more dew to him by promis when his lord shall seall to them,0-10-0
Item to the Lord Hide for perposinge our ordenances,5-0-0 *
Item to his clarke,0-10-0
Item more dew by promis when it is sealed to,0-10-0
Item wee expecte to pay the same all the Lord keepers,6-0-0
Item what the ingrossinge of them will coste wee knowe not,
The som is:98-10-2


By mee John Turlington

15 May 1630

(on reverse) A note of the charges of the spectacle makers patent 15 May 1630


The chardge of the great seale for the Spectakle makers Charter paid to Mr Benbow as followeth beinge almost two skins of velume

The seale9-3-0
The dockett etc.0-11-0
The Ainrollment2-0-0
The document2-0-0
The Officers Fee2-3-4
The docket &c0-13-0
The Clerke1-0-0
Vellume and skyns0-17-6


paid by as above October last
Thomas Copley
John Turlington

(on reverse)

Thomas Copley and John Turlingtons Presentment of £18 7 s 10 d payd by them in October last to Mr Benbow for the Spectacle Makers Charter containing almost two skyns

(5) Per duos ss.


Using the Retail Sales Index, the sum of £98 10s 2d would have been equivalent to c. £14,700 in 2010. £18 7s 10d would have been equivalent to c. £2, 740.

Sir Thomas Richardson (1569-1635) was Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas.
Sir Nicholas Hide (or Hyde) (died 1631) was Lord Chief Justice of England, 1627-31.
Sir Sidney (‘Signe’) Montagu (died 1644) was Master of Requests.

Thomas Copley was the Company’s first Clerk.
John Turlington is the first named of the 13 men who, according to the Corporation’s records for 11 November 1634, were translated from the Brewers’ Company to “the Society of Spectacle Makers”. He was appointed one of the first Assistants of the Company in the Charter. The same man (or his son?) is listed as having been Master of the Company from 1665 to1669.

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