Visit to Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park is the home of the Codebreakers from World War Two. We have chosen a Sunday for this visit as friends and families are particularly welcome. There is plenty of exciting and interactive activity for visitors of all ages! 

After a short guided tour of the estate (huts) from a member of the Bletchley team we will be able to visit the museum and the individual huts where each code breaking activity took place. Excellent audio guides will be provided. The cost of the visit includes traditional afternoon tea in the Mansion.

Arrival is at 11am ready for the tour to begin at 11.30 and I would expect to leave no later than 4.00pm. Tickets allow visitors to return during the next 12 months free of charge.

The costs are as follows:

                 Ticket with afternoon tea £35.00

                 Child ticket (12-17) with afternoon tea £27.00

                 Under 11 with afternoon tea £10.00

Please contact the Clerk for more information